MI Symptom Management

Nursing CEU of the Week: MI Symptom Management

Contact Hours: 1.1

“I enjoyed this course and it made you think. It was interesting to learn about the signs and symptoms of MI’s and how these may differ depending on the location of the infarct, plus how these are treated. MONA is mnemonic to remember in relation to treatment of an MI.”

Course Description: This module provides an overview of the proper management of the symptoms associated with myocardial infarction, including the acronym “MONA” and basics of thrombolysis.

Course Objectives:

  • Describe typical and atypical symptoms of cardiac chest pain
  • Compare and contrast inferior, right ventricular, anterior and silent MI symptoms
  • Explain MONA and the indications for medications used in MI symptom management
  • Discuss various treatments for cardiac chest pain and the indications for thrombolytic therapy



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    I would like to use this ECG in a book I am writing.

    Do you have any objection?

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