A Slap in the Face

As a a nurse of 25 years married to a pharmacist of 28 years, I enjoy reading Drug Topics. I was so disappointed as I read the “Contribution to the healthcare team” chart featured in the “Evolving Pharmacy Practice” CE January, 2011 page 48.

Sarah McBane, Pharm D simplified nurses’ contribution to the healthcare team to merely “Provides day to day care.” This is as much as an oversimplification as saying pharmacists pull meds off the shelf and send them to the floor. Shame on Drug Topics and Sarah McBane, Pharm D!

The other disciplines listed (social work, PT, OT, etc) often are not even asked to evaluate the patient until the nurse evaluates the patient, determines a need, and asks for the consultation. Nurses are often the only 24-hour-care providers in many smaller hospitals and remain the number one most trusted profession every year except 2001, when fire fighters had the honor. It was quite a slap in the face to the nursing profession.