Been Thinking About A Change?

Career complacency is something that sneaks up on you. The years pass quickly and you are comfortable in your secure job, attending the requisite training seminars and extremely competent in your niche.

(Won’t you be my expert?….sung just like the Mr. Rogers tune!  But for real, will you?)

But maybe you peeked out from under your rock and found that legal nurse consulting was a blossoming field of interest. Thanks to the internet, this once flying-under-the-radar career is now prominent. Even though you may be excellent [Read more...]

Highlight Reel: July

Can you believe July flew by so quickly?  It’s that time again…to gather some interesting posts across the medical/nursing blogosphere, and compile them here for your reading pleasure (and hopefully, a wee bit of education too)!

First, we all probably knew this in the back of our minds, but I just have to mention it. THE FIVE-SECOND RULE has been debunked. [Read more...]

NursingCrib on Coursepark: We Take Care of Each Other


In this age of virtual education and interaction, the benefits of being a member of an online, international learning community are numerous.

NursingCrib has partnered with CoursePark Learning Networks and the Nurses Network to provide not only continuing education for nurses, but also a forum for community knowledge exchange.

The Nurses Network represents a group of highly qualified nurses from around the globe who came together to develop clinically relevant Nursing CE.

CoursePark is a web-based learning platform that has dedicated itself to the user, capturing both formal and informal learning. It is easily adopted, implemented, accessible anywhere/anytime, and provides a spectacular training mechanism for both new and veteran nurses.

Through our combined efforts, every member will have the opportunity to build a centralized Lifelong Learning Profile, complete an unlimited amount of Nursing CEUs (each come with a certificate of completion), and a Facebook-style Board on which nurses around the world can post questions and links, express opinions, interact on a personal level, and network! [Read more...]

Paying it Forward

While in graduate school, I often sought the advice (or commiseration) of others who had gone before me. I would have my intermittent “meltdowns” regarding the amount of work, balancing school with work and family, concerns about my ability to not just get it done but getting it done well, etc. I was very lucky to have an exceptional mentor for my capstone project and final 12 credits. Suzanne runs my school’s RN – to BSN program on my institution’s campus, and also teaches on campus at the college itself. She finished her PhD while I was in graduate school, and had stories of her own accomplishments frustrations along the way. She was such an inspiration both personally and professionally, and I have often said that her name belongs with mine on my diploma. [Read more...]

Walking a Mile

My current nursing specialty is in the field of simulation. However, like many other nurses today, I wear many hats. One of my other primary responsibilities is to coordinate all nursing continuing education for my facility. Today I am the facilitator/moderator at our first full-day program of 2012, called Walk a Mile in My Shoes: The Diversity of Careers in Nursing. This is the first in a series of programs that will highlight various nursing specialties. Today’s program includes registered nurses from home care/visiting nurses, obstetrics, quality assurance, long term care/gerontology, infection control, case management, and clinical applied research.

This is a series I have wanted to implement for many years. We are all experts in our fields; however, it’s so easy to get tunnel-vision in this profession. [Read more...]

Role Models

Yet another celebrity has lost her life too soon. Whitney Houston was found dead yesterday at the age of 48. We won’t know the true cause of her death for quite some time, but I’d venture to guess that many people – myself included – are left to wonder if her past (or perhaps present) drug use contributed to her early demise.  Whitney undoubtedly influenced many young women during the course of her career; one can only hope that people can learn from the tragedy and not duplicate her past errors in judgment.

Right or wrong, celebrities of all types often serve as role models for the rest of society. Young and old alike look to musicians, actors, athletes, politicians, and others to help them decide what to wear, what movies to see, what car to buy… [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions

Did you ever consider that those who make themselves a list of New Year’s resolutions each year are set up for failure before they even start? Yep, it’s true. See, I know this, because the wisdom of the day (or some random self-proclaimed time management professional, either way) states that multi-taskers are doomed to be completely frazzled and unproductive (read: unsuccessful) because none of their multiple simultaneous tasks will be completed as well as if they had focused on one thing at a time. I always seem to develop this annoying twitch in my right eye when I read that kind of information…because I am, unabashedly, a multi-tasker. Love me anyway…

Ok, so…resolutions. It makes sense, if you’re following the “wisdom of the day,” that if you’re trying to concentrate on improving five, ten, or more things about your life all at one time, it is easy to fail. Drop the ball. Decide it wasn’t so important after all. Or… [Read more...]

The Golden Key

I had never aspired to be a Nurse Manager because I felt it was a no-win position. Had seen co-workers move ‘up’ to this position and change. Everyone seemed to stop liking them as they turned cranky…sqeezed tightly between the bedside nurse as advocate and upper management who had pre-existing agendas.

Funny how we view things before having lived similar experiences. Most in healthcare are thrust into these roles without any support – whether PD, mentorship, or experience outside of “the institution”.

Don’t wait for your organization to hand you the golden key. Read, ask questions, then read some more. Do some volunteer work around your own unit, your child’s school, or another local organization where expectations are not as great or time-sensitive. This work will eventually pay off in spades!

Let us never be betrayed into saying we have finished our education; because that would mean we had stopped growing. – Julia H. Gulliver

Mother Power

When I was a nursing student doing clinical placement on the burn unit, I learned what it meant to be a mother…although, I never knew that at the time.

The senior nurse on the unit approached me and asked if I would like the experience of assisting with one of her patients. She would take the 36 year old woman (we’ll call her Jane) who had 3rd degree burns on over 85% of her body into the physiotherapy room and place her in the tub. Following that, we would do her dressings together. [Read more...]