New Grad? Light A Fire!

Previously, I discussed that you need to SHINE in order to stand out among the sea of applicants for nursing jobs these days.

The fuel? An awesome portfolio!

The sparks? Ah, keep reading… [Read more...]

Success and Learning

Want to be successful? Yes, that is a rhetorical question. I can’t think of anyone that will say honestly, “I want to be unsuccessful, defined by repeated failure.”

I follow many blogs, not all of them nursing-related. I follow cooking blogs, womanhood blogs, and financial blogs, among others. One of the financial blogs posted recently about “The Seven Attributes That Matter.” Apparently, the writer took several people he respected, whether alive or not, and wrote down attributes that made them worth looking up to, especially regarding their success(es) in life. He then condensed the list down to seven attributes that popped up most often in his profiles of these people.

Here is the list of attributes he found to be most common among his list of successful people:

1. Self-belief

2. Humility (to balance self-belief and self-reliance) [Read more...]